Time sure flies! A new year is upon us…and along with it, new possibilities! January means winter breezes, setting new goals and experiencing fresh beginnings. Wait until you see the specials we have for you in this month’s newsletter!


On Martin Luther King Day, we recognize the civil rights leader’s accomplishments that included promoting equal rights through nonviolent civil disobedience and becoming the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1964. Then we acknowledge Inauguration Day, which marks the beginning of the new four-year term of the President of the United States.

January is also National Blood Donor Month and raises awareness of the lifesaving contribution of blood and platelet donors. The Red Cross encourages individuals to roll up their sleeves to donate blood this month as well as throughout the year.   

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Happy 2017 from My Choice Spa & Wellness Lounge!


Kim Kardashian helped make the Vampire Facial or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) non-surgical facelift a popular treatment. Not familiar with it?

Reserve a consultation and let an expert share with you the wide range of PRP Treatments available to help you look younger and healthier.


Don't worry, we have solutions to get you back into your skinny jeans!


Choose from:


Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

(12 weeks)

Sign up for the 12-week Weight Loss Program and receive a one-week trial pack of physician recommended supplements.




Sign up for a Detox Program and receive complimentary body wrap at the end of the weight loss program.


Is acne causing you or someone you love to withdraw and reduce your self-esteem?

If so, it’s time for the My Choice MD Acne Program.

We have the most effective Acne Program, we use lasers, peels, masks and prescription solutions to give you clearer skin. 

Reserve your consultation and say hello to clearer skin!


Another year is upon us…do you have a Rejuvenation Plan for 2017? Bring all your products and let us evaluate and make necessary adjustments for the new year!

Reserve a consultation and let one of the spa’s experts create a Rejuvenation Plan for you.

Receive your complimentary moisturizer when you reserve now! $26.00


It’s a New Year…time for a better and healthier YOU! Are you feeling bloated and lethargic from all the celebrating and feasting? Let us help you undo your overindulgence during the holiday season! These effective spa treatments will have you feeling and looking your best in no time!

Detox Programs can help you rid your body of harmful toxins that leave you feeling less than your best and can also help you lose weight. Programs may last for one week, a month or sometimes longer depending on your concerns and your degree of commitment. Detox Programs can include supplements, ionization detox, body wraps, lymphatic drainage, body cleanses and more.

Body Wraps are a great way to help you detox so you can feel healthy and look great! Body Wraps that use seaweed, mud, algae or clay detoxify your skin and help remove trapped waste from your body. This process improves the health and appearance of your skin and can sometimes assist with weight loss. 

Massages have been proven to help your body naturally detox – an added benefit of getting them! The repetitive strokes and the pressure that’s applied to the tissue and fat during a massage stimulates your circulatory system. Toxins are forced out between the muscle fibers and cells which is then released into the circulatory system for easier elimination. And, who doesn’t love to relax with a soothing massage?

Body Scrubs reveal new and glowing skin underneath by removing dull skin and dead cells on the surface. They thoroughly cleanse pores, which allows your skin to breathe and stimulates blood circulation - this assists in eliminating toxins from the body. Body scrubs can be used prior to slimming and toning treatments for enhanced results due to the skin being firmed and strengthened. 

Facial Treatments are perfect for removing pollutants and dull skin. Treatments such as Peels and Microdermabrasions exfoliate your skin to remove surface toxins, thereby exposing healthy and radiant skin. Your esthetician will recommend the appropriate treatments and at-home care for your skin concerns.

Reserve your complimentary consultation with My Choice Spa & Wellness Lounge  to experience these treatments so you can start the New Year looking and feeling healthy!


There’s nothing better than curling up with a comforting bowl of delicious hot soup on a cold winter’s day! With the indulgence of holiday fare nearly behind us, it’s now time to cleanse our bodies with proper immune-boosting nourishment. This healthy and nutritious soup recipe contains detoxifying natural remedies such as fresh lemon juice and ginger along with vitamin-enriched vegetables that will cleanse, nourish and detoxify your body from the inside out!


See you soon at My Choice Spa & Wellness Lounge!

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