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Put away all of life’s cares as you surrender to the healing power of massage. Based on Swedish modalities and customized to your needs, this massage employs specific muscle manipulations comprising of long gliding strokes, kneading, rubbing, tapping and vibrating movements to improve circulation, ease muscle tension, induce relaxation and restore balance. This massage will rebalance your body as stresses and tensions are released from both body and mind. 30/50 min.reserve

This will upgrade your massage to another level. Specifically targeted to your tension areas, this massage will penetrate to engage and release deep seated soreness. Utilizing a wider range of techniques to relieve pain and restore range of motion, this treatment will help return you to your natural state of wellbeing. 30/50 min.reserve

sports massage

Relieves sports enthusiasts’ aches and pains with penetrating heat application and targeted massage to ease sore muscles, speed up muscle recovery after overexertion, and increase flexibility and range of motion. Biofreeze (pain relieving cooling gel) along with hot/cold treatments will be applied to your most troublesome areas which will extend the effects of your massage and keep any discomfort you have to a minimum. Stretching techniques will be used to increase joint flexibility and decrease muscle stiffness. Perfect for athletes, and ideal for recreational lifestyles to help relieve discomfort or pain from over activity. 50 min.reserve

For mom’s after their first trimester, this soothing experience serves to renew and revive the mommy-to-be as a therapist performs a full-body massage to specifically address the many changes that occur during pregnancy. This experience aids in relaxation, increased circulation and provides comfort during a beautiful time of change. 50 min.reserve